Cool new features of vCloud Director 8.10 – part 2

With the release of vCloud Director 8.10 some very cool new features have been added.

Please see below for a list of some of these features:

  • Full NSX integration (seperate add-on needed for Advanced Networking Services)
  • UI support for:
    • VDC limits
    • Tenant throttling
    • Disk Level Storage Policies
    • VDC Templates
  • Hardware level 11 support
  • Windows 10 support (Server 2016 not yet supported)
  • Running VM import to vCloud
  • VM advanced settings
  • Affinity and Anti-Affinity VM rules



Cool new features in vCloud Director 8.10

Last friday VMware has released vCloud Director 8.10, bringing exciting new features.

New Feature Highlights:

  • Expanded UI Access to Features Many operations that were previously accessible only from the vCloud API are now accessible in the vCloud Director Web Console.
  • Object Extensibility A new Object Extensibility feature has been introduced. vCloud Director object extensions are external applications that can participate in, influence, or override the logic that vCloud Director applies to complex operations like vApp instantiation and placement.
  • Expanded Hardware Version and Guest OS support The system now supports Hardware Version 11 and Windows 10. This allows full support of those running ESXi 6.0 and above.
  • Guest OS Support  Still no Windows Server 2016 support, but hopefully that will come not long after it’s release.

vCNS and NSX:

With the release of version 8.10, support for vCNS has officially ended. Only NSX is supported now. NSX versions supported are: 6.2.2, 6.1.5 and 6.1.6.

For more information, please see the release notes at: